VAR Partnership

The ePayments VAR partnership, our core is working with franchisers,  local banks, credit unions, CPA's, B2B sales teams, software companies and more. We help them add more value and help business find lost profits while proposing a complete solutions to their clients. Delivering the best technology and best service is why we have succeeded for so many years in the reseller community, and we would be happy to discuss if you are a great fit, ePayments will make you look like a rock star when it comes to adding value to business relationships. Please contact us to learn more. 

VAR Partnership Highlights and Benefits

Our Partnership Program includes the following benefits:

  • Per account signing bonus (once account is active).

  • Life time residual split (you share in on the revenue earned monthly). 

  • We average a 20-30% reduction in fees, You can position to upgrade or up sell your services.

  • Add more value by offering a complete solution to your clients and increasing their proffits.

  • Private-label our services to appear as a business solutions expert from your company.

  • ePayments team will handle the heavy lifting, no need to learn a new industry. Let us be the experts!

  • Availability to meet with your customer in person when needed.

  • We stay on top of all new products, promotions, and rates so that your customers always get the best pricing around.

  • Preparation of quotes, proposals, and paperwork for each client.

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