Your Online Order Platform!


Your Online Ordering Platform

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Do you have online orders from the delivery guys? eTab can cut 90% off the fees you pay today. We build your business your own branded online ordering platform. 

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Are you sick of the high fees on pick up and online orders? eTab puts your business in control. Offer the convenience at a fraction of the cost. 

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Why Online Ordering?

  • Customer Preferences / COVID Requirements

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

  •  Increased Order Size

  •  Builds Online Presence

  • Encourages Customer Loyalty

70% of consumers say they prefer to order directly from a

restaurant rather than a third party

60% of consumers order delivery or takeout once a week

59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout/delivery

Restaurants reported an 18% increase in customer spend from

online orders versus phone orders

43% of restaurants believe third party apps interfere with the

relationship between the restaurant and their customers.

What is e|tab?

e|tab is our proprietary online ordering platform for businesses

  • e|tab is most often used for restaurants to facilitate carryout, curbside, delivery, and catering orders, BUT it can also be configured as a “micro” eCommerce site any business wanting to sell frictionless online. 

  • e|tab also offers a on-premise “Contactless Dine-In” version to help restaurants navigate today’s social distancing challenges

  • Contactless Dine-In: view graphicly appealing menu, order and send to kitchen and pay from seat. Streamline your business with eTab! 

  • Leverages the businesses existing web presence and branding to help generate orders and build brand loyalty

How does e|tab Work?

  • The e|tab team builds a graphically pleasing web-based version of your businesses menu

  • A link to the e|tab menu is placed on the businesses website and social media pages to allow customers to place an order online

  • A smart printer is installed at the business location that automatically prints financial and kitchen style receipts.

  ○ Alternatively the restaurant can view orders via our Order

     Management dashboard, or receive text/email receipts.

e|tab Work?
e|tab Work?

Who is e|tab for?


  • Quick Service (Pizza, Sandwiches, Tacos)

  • Full Service Takeout

  •  Half/Full Tray Catering

  • Coffee, Smoothie, Juice Shops

  •  Ice Cream Shops (Pints, Quarts)

  • Bakeries & Pastry Shops

  •  “Heat & Eat” Meals


  • Meat Markets & Deli’s

  • Grocery Stores (limited menu)

  • “Home Chef” Meal Kits

  •  Convenience Stores (limited menu)

  •  Liquor Stores (limited menu)

  • Farmers Markets & Produce

  •  Nurseries & Landscape Supply

  •  Hardware Stores & Lumber Yards

  • Pet Stores (Food, Treats, Toys, Supplies)

  •  Other Specialty Retailers


Not Just for Restaurants

Case Study: Wyoming Package Store


What They Sell:

Limited catalog of Beer, Wine, Malt Beverages, and Liquor.

How e|tab Helped?

Merchant typically serves customers face to face at their store. As an essential business, Wyoming Package wanted to offer a safe way for their customers to order, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

How they Receive Orders?

Wyoming Package utilizes the smart printer to receive merchant and customer copies.

Case Study: Young Family Farm


What They Sell:

Rotates offering of Flowers, Produce, Meal Kits, Jams, Jellies, Honey, & Pies.

How e|tab Helped?

Merchant typically serves customers face to face at their  greenhouse / farmstand. As a non-essential business, their in store sales are unavailable. With e|tab, they now offer curbside pickup and local delivery to their clients.

How they Receive Orders?

Young Family Farm receives email alerts for every order, and also utilizes our web-based order management screen on their tablet to view and

manage orders. 

Case Study: Tase-Rite


What They Sell:

Wholesale Beef, Pork, Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Cheeses.

How e|tab Helped?

Tase-Rite was looking for an updated way to service their Wholesale customers. In addition, they were able to fill a need in their local market for retail customers struggling with supermarket shortages.

How they Receive Orders?

Tase-Rite utilizes the smart printer to print a single prep copy


Better than the Competition

The Competition

uber eats

What does e|tab cost?

  • Simple Pricing

  • Online Ordering: $49.00/Mo. Includes platform, design and ongoing service and support. Have changes? We take care of that too! 

  • Contactless Dine In: $29.00/Mo

  • BOTH: $65.00/Mo

  • Equipment Cost

  • Smart Printer: $400* prints order copy to fulfill and transaction receipt. 

How e|tab is different - Pricing

Competition Pricing Model Examples*

  • Grubhub: 12-30% on Cash & Credit

  •  ChowNow: $149 per Month + 2.80% & $0.30 -- 3.50% & $0.15 (Amex)

  • Slice: $1.95 per Order (Cash or Credit) + 3.05% & $0.30 per Credit Order

e|tab Recommended Pricing Model

  • e|tab

$49 per Month

9% Flat Rate on Credit Orders

No Cost on Cash Orders

$1.99 Convenience Fee Billed to Customer, Collected in Full by your business on both Cash and Credit Orders. 

How e|tab is different - Pricing Comparison


How e|tab is different - Pricing Example (OLO Only)

Restaurant Processing $5,000 on 220 Orders in Online Orders with e|tab

Credit: $3350 (147 Orders) (⅔)

Cash $1650 (73 Orders) (⅓)


$49.00 SAAS Fee

$13.45 Monthly Fee

$301.50 in Credit Order Fees

$0.00 in Cash Order Fees

Total Order Fees: $363.95

Convenience Fee Revenue:

$1.99 Earned on 220 Orders

Credit Order Revenue: $292.53

Cash Order Revenue: $145.27

Total Conv. Fee Revenue: $437.80

Net Impact: $73.85 Earned By Restaurant. Compared to the delivery guys fees that cost $400+ eTab makes you money with the same convenience. Best part is you can still use the delivery guys but eliminate 90% of the fees!   

How e|tab is different - Pricing Logic

  • Convenience Fee model provides the business with a reasonable way to offset the cost of providing online ordering to their customers.

  • Based on average ticket, and transaction volume, the businesses online ordering cost will be below average credit card processing costs, and in most cases, actually earn the business additional revenue. 

  • This creates a big incentive for your business to own your online orders. It's 100% in your benefit to push e|tab to your customers and grow your online platform, in place of other online ordering vendors, and even phone orders.

  • e|tab for Dine-In functions as a separate MID with no convenience fee.

Examples in the News


How e|tab puts the business in control

3rd Party Ordering Services

  • Customers identify with the ordering service more than they do the restaurant.

    ○ “I placed my Grubhub order”

  • Issues with orders or menu accuracy occur often, and reflect badly on the business.

   ○ “My pizza arrived cold, I am pretty sure the driver tooks some of my french fries, and Pizza Palace usually has combo meals on Fridays, but they weren't available!”

e|tab Online Ordering

  • Customer identify with the business, e|tab works in the background.

      ○ “I can’t wait for my Pizza Palace order!”

  • The business can control the quality and accuracy of their online offering by not relying on third parties.

     ○ “I always order directly through Pizza Palace because their drivers are so nice and their site is easy to use, even for my carryout order on

Fridays for their Beat the Clock Combo Meal!”

Directory Based Online Ordering Model


Standard Model:

- Directory-based ordering site

- Minimal custom branding and no business control over listing

- High commission fees for all orders

(Cash or Credit, Carryout or Delivery)

What the Competition do Well?

- Mass marketing of themselves

- Drive “transient” business to the business

- Collect commissions!

Good for Customers

Bad for Businesses

No Opportunity for you! Not your brand, no control and profit hit.

e|tab Private Branded Online Ordering Model


e|tab Model:

- Custom built ordering portal

- Customizable branding and color scheme to match the merchants website

- Customizable fee structure with a standard, low monthly fee of $49.00

Why e|tab over the Competition?

- Helps build web presence and brand loyalty

- Encourages repeat business

- Business friendly cost structure

Good for Customers

Great for Businesses

Your branding, controlled by you & no more lost profits!


Get White Glove Deployment and Ongoing Support!