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Certified Payment Professionals
Over 15 years of experience
  •  Life time generous revenue share ( monthly residual income )  

  • The ePayments team handles all the heavy lifting.

  • Promos to offer deeply discounted or free equipment. 

  • Promos to earn per account bonuses on top of residual.

  • Opportunity to offer the best pricing and service around.

  • Preparation of quotes, proposals, and paperwork for each client.

  • Peace of mind knowing all clients are treated with respect.

About Us

This is Our Story

After years in the payments industry no one was offering both affordable and high-quality, we decided to start something new:  we provide clients with unique experience to maximize business savings on payments, internet, telecom and security from one contact. We do whats right for businesses with one vision, and a lot of passion. And we learned that’s all it takes to start something extraordinary. Our team won't be out worked to earn your trust and business.